With the political shitshow going on in Washington sucking up all the media air, there’s not a lot of room for them to air stories about the earthquakes and tsunami in Indonesia. As of this morning – October 2nd – reports are more than 1,200 people are dead, and tens of thousands have lost their homes, loved ones, and all their possessions. Rescue parties are still trying to reach some areas, and the slow process of digging out and rebuilding has barely begun. If, like me, you’re looking for ways to help, these organizations have fundraising appeals that are targeted specifically to helping out those caught by this disaster.


Google works with The Center for Disaster Philanthropy, a U.S. non-profit that directs funds to local organizations who are working on the ground in the affected areas. To donate through Google, type “donate to Indonesia” into the Google search box and hit enter. The search results will look like this.screen capture showing Google donate to Indonesia boxRight under the sponsored results at the top, you’ll see a box that says “Sulawesi earthquake and tsunami”. Clicking the “Yes, donate” box will open a pop-up where you can make a donation to the fund to help Indonesia.

Indonesian Red Cross – Palang Merah Indonesia

PMI has mobilized to provide direct aid and emergency response to Sulawesi. They’ve sent volunteers to help with search and rescue, and are providing supplies and equipment, including blankets, tarps for emergency shelter, sleeping mats, Jerry cans, and water.  To help fund their on-the-ground relief efforts, go to http://donasi.pmi.or.id/. Fair warning – the site is not in English. It does have this graphic, which includes the information needed to make a donation by wire transfer.

graphic with SWIFT code to donate to Indonesia relief funds


OXFAM maintains an emergency disaster relief fund that, like Google, directs money to local organizations working on the ground. The UK organization has a dedicated fund to help Indonesia or you can donate through OXFAM America’s Saving Lives 24/7 Fund, which is also coordinating with organizations in Sulawesi.

graphic from OXFAM GB showing how donations are used to help Indonesia

Islamic Relief USA

IRUSA has launched a dedicated fund to help those affected by the earthquakes and tsunami in Sulawesi. In addition, their donation page includes multiple options that allow you to direct any donations you make to specific countries or causes. Donate to help Indonesia through IRUSA.

Helping Hand for Relief and Development

HHRD has a dedicated fund for Indonesia relief. The organization is partnered with PKPU, and has volunteers on the ground in Lombok, which was one of the hardest hit areas. Donate to help Indonesia through HHRD

I’ll update with more links if I come across them. Feel free to add donation links to your trusted charities in the comments.